Conference Day 2 – Thursday, October 3, 2019

Welcome Remarks 致欢迎辞

Ken Montgomery, Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Windsor
Ken Montgomery 教授, 温莎大学教育学院院长

Shijing Xu, Project Co-Director, Canada Research Chair, University of Windsor

Michael Connelly, Project Co-Director, OISE/UT
Michael Connelly 教授, 多伦多大学

Plenary Session: Dialogue on West-East Reciprocal Learning in Education
大会主题研讨: 东西方教育者对话东西方教育互惠学习


Shijing Xu, Project Co-Director, University of Windsor
主持人:许世静教授, 温莎大学教育学院

Michael Connelly, Project Co-Director, OISE/UT
Michael Connelly 教授,多伦多大学

Partners in China 主讲人:

Luxin Yang, Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Shijian Chen, Vice President, Southwest University
陈时见教授, 西南大学副校长

Yunpeng Ma, Professor, Northeast Normal University

Yuhua Bu, Professor, East China Normal University

Partners in Canada:

Clara Howitt, GECDSB Superintendent
Clara Howitt 博士, 雅思郡教育局

Doug McDougall, Professor, OISE/UT
Doug McDougall 教授,多伦多大学

Geri Salinitri, Associate Dean, University of Windsor
Geri Salinitri 教授,温莎大学

Gerry Connelly, Former Director, Toronto District School Board
Gerry Connelly, 多伦多前教育局局长

Discussants from the East & the West 讨论者:

Cheryl Craig, Professor, Texas A & M University
Cheryl Craig 教授,德克萨斯州农工大学

John Chi Kin Lee, Professor, The Education University of Hong Kong

This plenary session featured a dialogue between scholars from the East and the West. Our partners from China and Canada reflected on their experiences with the project, the growth of the sister-school partnerships and their understanding of the West-East Reciprocal Learning.

Concurrent Session 1: Research on West-East Reciprocal Learning in Classroom & Curriculum
并行会议一: 课堂与课程设置中的东西方互惠学习

Concurrent 1A: Students’ Mathematics Learning
分组会议1A: 数学学习

Juan Yu presented her research on learning difficulties and coping strategies in Mathematics among middle school students in Taiwan and Mainland China. Aihui Peng, Can Li and Bo Yu compared mathematics problem-posing and problem-solving of Canadian and Chinese elementary school students. Yanling Wang and Chunying Wang examined different ways “area of circle” was taught in elementary level math classes in Canada and China. Xiaojie Gao, Jing Cao and Yanmei Wang presented Chines teachers’ approach to conducting mathematics classroom teaching from the perspective of life development.

Concurrent 1B: Building School & Classroom Community
分组会议1B: 建立学校和课堂学习共同体

This concurrent session features a reflective dialogue between two Canada-China Sister School principals on their leadership approaches. In addition, Wen Wang and Helen Fenton gave a presentation about promoting students’ self-awareness and building students’ confidence in Banhui/Character education lessons through storybooks. Yuhua Bu further commented on the impacts of the Canada-China reciprocal learning project on Chinese teachers.

Concurrent 1C: Classroom Interaction & Technology
分组会议1C: 课堂互动与科技应用

Mirco Stella and Konstantina Peristeris presented findings from their co-authored dissertation that aims at analyzing discourses of collaboration at the pre-service teacher level. Yuanyuan Zhu discussed cultural differences in communications and interactions between partnering teachers participating in a Canada-China Sister School project. Xiaoyan Zhong and Zhicheng Cai showed their comparative study on the teaching application of information technology from the perspective of reciprocal teaching and learning. Shuai Fu presented how teachers’ talk may affect classroom learning. Meng Wang talked about the use of Sketch Engine for language learning among Chinese Beginners in the Canada-China Reciprocal Learning Program

Concurrent 1D: The Impacts of Canada- China Reciprocal Learning Program on Graduate Students & Researchers
分组会议1D: 中加互惠学习项目对研究生和研究者的影响

Luxin Yang examined her experience of engaging in the Canada–China Reciprocal Learning Project from a narrative inquiry perspective. Luxia Liu presented a narrative inquiry of graduate assistants’ cross-cultural learning through Canada-China reciprocal learning. Lijuan Jiang and Yibing Liu further studied how pre-service teachers in China became reflective practitioners through participating in the Reciprocal Learning Project. Na Wu and Yibing Liu, in particular, examined changes in the reflective practices of more than 200 Chinese pre-service teachers who had participated in the Reciprocal Learning Project. Finally, Yuanli Chen highlighted two-way learning outcomes of cross-cultural collaboration between Canada and China.

Concurrent Session 2: Mechanisms and Modes for Reciprocal Learning in School Development
并行会议二: 学校发展中互惠学习的机制与模式

Concurrent 2A: Reciprocal Learning through Collaborative Partnership

Susan Holloway and Shijng Xu talked about exploring reciprocal learning through face-to-face conversations among Chinese and Canadian teacher candidates. Chenkai Chi explored the kinds of reciprocal learning that took place when a Canadian teacher and a Chinese teacher were brought together to co-plan and co-teach a lesson at a Canadian school. Ying Chen presented a study on  Canadian-Chinese teacher collaboration on critical thinking in Mathematics classrooms.

Concurrent 2B: Enhancing Mathematics Pedagogies
分组会议2B: 加强数学教学

Yuhang Zheng and Aihui Peng introduced their research that compared the difficulty level of Mathematics textbook exercises in Equation between China and Canada. Yanmei Wang and Xiaojie Gao presented their research on math teaching strategies in Chinese classrooms. Shuyan Li and Aihui Peng demonstrated a cross-cultural analysis of Canadian and Chinese math teachers’ questioning practices. Finally, Xie Shu, Yunpeng Ma, and Douglas McDougall talked about Canadian and Chinese teachers’ professional noticing in math classes. They highlighted that differences between Chinese and Canadian teachers’ beliefs in teaching and learning and how this had resulted in different foci in teachers’ professional noticing.

Concurrent 2C: Fostering Literacy and Cultural Identity among Language Learners
分组会议2C:促进语言学习者的文化认同和 读写能力

In her presentation, Jiayang Shi illustrated how Chinese immigrant children with limited literacy adapted to Ontario Curriculum in a public school. Haojun Guo presented her research on Chinese primary school students’ cognitive needs of translanguaging in EFL classrooms. Na Meng further demonstrated the study of CFL (Chinese as Foreign Language) learners’ cultural identity in Chinese language teaching. Lastly, Charanjeet Batra presented his research on how native language learning could discursively construct an inclusive reciprocal language learning space.

Concurrent 2D: Cross-Cultural Professional Reciprocal Learning: Mechanisms & Experiences
分组会议2D:教师职业发展中的跨文化互惠学 习:机制与经历

Emilia Iacobelli presented a narrative inquiry case study of the Canadian experience and perspective of two in-service science teachers who visited their sister schools in China. Liu Min and Jing Huang used a narrative inquiry framework to study how teachers experienced personal learning and growth through working with each other on a joint World Water Day celebration through Canada China Sister School partnerships. Jiaxin Huang summarized the “difficulties” and “roads” of cross-cultural reciprocal learning. Menghan Wu compared student-teacher relationship in Chinese and Canadian schools.

African & Indigenous Education Plenary Symposium

Dr. Anthony N. Ezeife, Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor
Anthony N. Ezeife 教授,温莎大学

Ken Montgomery, Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Windsor
Ken Montgomery 教授, 温莎大学教育学院院长

Walpole Island First Nation and University of Windsor Research Partnership: Our Shared Future
Walpole岛原住民与温莎大学研究伙伴关系: 我们共同的未来

Dean M. Jacobs, Consultant Manager, Walpole Island First Nation
Dean M. Jacobs 博士, Walpole Island First Nation 顾问

Dean Jacobs pointed out that research partnerships between Walpole Island First Nation (WIFN) and University of Windsor (UoW) shall be based on “commitment and agreement to determine which projects involve research and to indicate good research practices established through ethical research standards and procedures as articulated through consent by the Walpole Island First Nation.” He hoped that existing relationship like the WIFN/UoW partnership can be maintained, strengthened and sustained to realize future West-East partnership opportunities.

Reciprocal Learning as an Innovative Model in International Education: The African Dimension
互惠学习作为国际教育的创新模式: 非洲维度

Barnabas C. Emenogu, Education Officer, Ontario Ministry of Education
Barnabas C. Emenogu 博士, 安省教育部教育官员

Barnabas Emenogu talked about environmentally oriented education as the anchor of African traditional education and how this approach to education can generate real life relevance to learners and contribute to reciprocal learning world education context.

A Dialogue on Research & Issues with Aboriginal Communities

Russell Nahdee, Coordinator, Aboriginal Education Centre – Turtle Island at the University of Windsor
Russell Nahdee, 温莎大学海龟岛原住民教育中心协调员

Russell Nahdee introduced the rich history of Indigenous presence in the Windsor regions as a way to highlight the significance of the University of Windsor’s Land Acknowledgement.

An African and Aboriginal Perspective on the Use of the Environment in Mathematics Education: What Does the World Stand to Gain from this Approach in a Reciprocal Learning Context?

Dr. Anthony N. Ezeife, Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor
Anthony N. Ezeife 教授,温莎大学

Dr. Ezeife talked about the status of math and science education and analyzed the reasons for its current problems. He explained how to find math examples in life and what we can learn in a reciprocal learning context.

Multicultural Night

In the evening, a series of multicultural performances were presented by community artists, students from Greater Essex County District School Board, as well as faculty members and teacher candidates from Southwest University and the University of Windsor.

 8ths & 16ths by Joe Zanotti
Jig 2 arr. Gabe Beebe

Performed by: Bellewood Drum Line, Bellewood Public School

Cardiff Castle – Mark Williams 

Performed by: Talbot Trail Ensemble, Talbot Trail Public School

Emperor’s Hymn by Haydn
Marche Solonnelle by Weber
Theme from Love Story by Lai
Sheep May Safely Graze by J.S. Bach

Performed by: WCCA String Ensemble, Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts

Willow Weep for Me by Ann Ronell arr. Kerry Marsh

Performed by Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts

Peking Opera

Performed by: Yueqiong Zhao, Yanhua Lin, Shibin Wu, Yongquan Feng, High School Affiliated to Southwest University

Irish Dancing

Performed by: General Amherst District High School

African Song

Performed by: Dr. Anthony N. Ezeife, University of Windsor

African Dance

Performed by: ACSOO Dance Studio, University of Windsor

A Young Lady’s Affection

Performed by: Dr. Jonathan Bayley, University of Windsor


Performed by: Zicai Li, Reciprocal Learning Program, Southwest University

Chinese Traditional Dance: Ode to The Lotus Flower

Performed by: Yuhan Shu, Reciprocal Learning Program, Southwest University

Chinese Song: Ming Yue Ji Shi You

Performed by: University of Windsor/Southwest University/Soochow University, Reciprocal Learning Program 2019 Team

University of Windsor Provost’s Appreciation Dinner

University of Windsor Provost Greetings 致欢迎词

J. Douglas Kneale, Provost & Vice-President Academic, University of Windsor
J. Douglas Kneale 教授, 温莎大学教务长兼学术副校长